Linen Court Surgery - Welcome!

New Patients

Our practice area covers East Belfast, in particular postcode areas BT4, BT5 and BT6. We are very happy for any new patients who have moved into the local area to join the practice. We of course welcome patients regardless of age, gender, religion, social circumstances, or medical condition.

To register, simply call into reception bringing your NHS Medical Card. If you do not have a Medical Card (for example, if you have misplaced it or are from a country outside the U.K.) we would need you to bring some identification, such as your passport and proof of your current address and fill in the appropriate registration forms. If you are unsure about registration, our staff at reception will be happy to help you. You will then be offered an appointment with a Practice Nurse so that we can get your medical details and do a quick check of your health (eg blood pressure).