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Selfcare for Minor Illness

You can manage many common medical problems yourself safely and sensibly. This saves you the time and bother of trying to make an appointment to see a doctor. Of course if you are worried you have a serious illness you should come to see us. You can also get good advice by speaking to your local pharmacist, where many straightforward remedies are available.

You can click on any of the links below for fact sheets on how to manage some of these common conditions.



sore throat


common cold

fever in children

sore ear in children

back pain




sprains and strains




How long do illnesses take to settle? 

Some people are surprised how long some simple infections take to settle…

sore throat  –  1 week

common cold  –  10 days

sinusitis  –  2–3 weeks

cough  –  3weeks

Taking an antibiotic is useless for these conditions in most healthy children and adults, and makes no difference at all as to how quickly they take to settle.

Click here for information about antibiotics from Northern Ireland Public Health Agency



Minor Ailments Scheme and Health Information

The NHS in Northern Ireland also runs a ‘minor ailments scheme’ through your local pharmacist. You can simply call in to any pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist to get treatment for free for a number of common conditions


cold sores

ear wax

mouth ulcers

oral thrush

head lice


oral thrush

vaginal thrush


This may save you the bother of having to get a GP prescription, or wait for a doctor’s appointment.


There are several useful sites for Health Information:

Click on the links below                   

gives independent and accurate information on a vast range of medical topics                       

excellent site for all issues related to mental health                    

local site for parents with advice and support line for all issues related to children and teenagers (especially behaviour problems)       

useful site regarding foreign travel including advice on whether you need immunizations and malaria prevention tablets                                            

information about antibiotics from Northern Ireland Public Health Agency